The most affordable way to enter the Bentley family in the United States is the Bentayga with its starting price of $183,425 for the 2021 model year. That was until now though, as the British automaker has just unveiled the cheapest Bentley-branded product with wheels. Three wheels, to be precise.

Meet the Bentley Trike, which the brand describes as a combination of “elegance with functionality through a highly adaptable design.” It can be finished in colors from Bentley’s actual color palette so you can match your car to your trike. Of course, the Mulliner portfolio is not available.

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Even the youngest babies, from 12 months and above, can enjoy a ride in a parent-controlled mode, in which the seat is switched from rear to forward-facing at a touch of a button. As the child continues to grow, footrests can be adjusted and eventually removed to make space for use of the pedals. Eventually, the push-bar, back support, and harness can also be removed to give more freedom to the child.

Depending on the kid’s age, the Bentley Trike can be transformed into six different forms. It is equipped with 12 safety features, making it “by far the most sophisticated stroller-tricycle on the market.” These include a foldable canopy, rotating seat, anti-slip pedals, wheel fenders, rear brake, five-point seatbelt, and more. 

With a price of £395, the Bentley Trike is also by far the cheapest Bentley you can buy, being more than 330 times more affordable than a base Bentayga. It is now available for orders via the Bentley Collection and Bentley dealers.