This TeslaCam video captures the moment when a Tesla Model Y on Autopilot moves to avoid a Ram diesel pickup truck. It just so happens that the truck was trying to roll coal on the Tesla at the very moment when Autopilot reportedly moved to avoid the pickup.

We don't believe that it's Autopilot moving to avoid the big plume of black smoke coming from the modified diesel truck. Rather, it's the driver reacting to avoid getting coal-rolled, but regardless, these coal-rolling attempts failed to get the Tesla. And yes, it does appear as though the diesel Ram driver is deliberately targeting the Tesla.

Per the video uploader Tesla Tech:

Amusing Tesla Cam video that shows how autopilot avoids Angry Ram pickup rolling coal. Model 3, Model Y, S & X come with Autopilot & Dashcam. The dashcam should always be enabled to capture unexpected events. Coal rolling Ram repeatedly attempts to blast Tesla with soot but fails.

We at InsideEVs have covered numerous videos in which a diesel truck purposely targets a Tesla with the illegal act of coal-rolling. It seems some of these truck drivers have something against owners of clean electric cars in general and Teslas more specifically.  Sometimes, the coal-rolling may not be targeted at the Tesla, but rather just the illegally modified truck accelerating and puffing out smoke as these cancer-causing rigs do. In other cases, the coal-rolling combines with a bit of road rage on behalf of the diesel truck driver too.

And yes, the act of coal rolling (modifying a diesel engine to emit all sorts of crap) is illegal in most of (if not all) United States, it's just not always enforced.

What's rolling coal? Well, it's something we EV drivers can't and wouldn't do, but if you want a quick definition, then here ya go:

Rolling coal is the practice of modifying a diesel engine to increase the amount of fuel entering the engine in order to emit large amounts of black or grey sooty exhaust fumes into the air.