Formula 1 is due for a substantial rules change for the 2022 season that should shake up the series. The new regulations will transform the car’s design as the series forces teams to rely less on wings to create downforce. Previewing the updated design is a new Amalgam Collection creation created in partnership with F1, and it’s called the Formula 1 Concept 2022 sculpture.

F1 provided the British-based company with detailed CAD designs before artist Remco de Reus reinterpreted them. The final product is a stunning 11-centimetre (4-inch) long race car that emphasises how the new rules will change the car’s shape. Each hand-cast and hand-finished sculpture comes plated in aluminium before a clear lacquer is applied and polished. Each sculpture includes a booklet that explains the rule changes and their impact on the car’s design, all of which come enclosed in a beautiful presentation box.

Gallery: Amalgam Collection Formula 1 Concept 2022

Formula 1’s changes will result in a simplified front wing design, larger rear wings, 18-inch wheels, additional underbody aerodynamics, a simplified suspension, and more for the car. Next year’s F1 season will see ground effects return to the series for the first time since 1982 as the racing series tries to make the racing more exciting to watch. The current design heavily relies on wings to create its downforce, making it difficult for cars to race in tight formations.

Customers can preorder the approximately 75-gram (2.6 ounce) sculpture on Amalgam’s website, which costs €169 (approx. £145). Those thinking about laying down the cash for one can view the model in 3D and, using augmented reality, see how the model looks on one’s desk or shelf. Amalgam is interested in creating a collection that stands the decades of Formula 1, showing how the race car has changed from 1947 through today. The company will also continue to create a growing number of miniature sculpture collections.