The BMW iX3 has been in production in China since late last year and many Europeans have already taken delivery of their electric BMW SUV. As for Americans, they won’t be getting this model, instead, they will have to wait for the BMW iX which will hit the shores in early 2022.

The above video appears to be testing footage done by a Chinese automotive publication called Auto Home. This particular test is usually referred to as the moose test or Swedish moose test. Consumer Reports is known for conducting this test. It is supposed to replicate an emergency maneuver that a driver would have to make in order to avoid an obstacle in the road that suddenly appears, like a moose. Vehicles should perform the maneuver while remaining stable throughout. Some vehicles that fail don't and almost flip over. 

BMW iX3 moose test course

In the video, you can see the testing team placed cones on the ground, almost resembling a slalom. That’s usually how this test is done. The test driver entres the course at about 45 mph. That’s pretty fast but that's how this test is done. If you’re in the vehicle, it seems impossible to turn that fast without hitting the cones, but most vehicles are able to do it with different degrees of success (I’ve been in the passenger seat during a very similar test). 

The iX3 does well in the first run, but understeers too much in the second run. It would have still avoided the object though. You can see how fast the test driver turns the steering wheel during the interior clips of the video. Those clips also have a speedometer and g-force metre in the corner of the screen.