The McLaren F1 is one of those historically important cars that will remain forever significant. Developed to redefine what a supercar is, the vehicle remains highly acclaimed for its performance even today. Given that, it’s a little miracle when a well-maintained example shows up for sale.

This red F1 from the 1995 model year is even better as the seller says it has been “superbly maintained” during its entire life. It is said to be one of just seven sold brand new in the United States, out of a 106-unit production run. 

Gallery: 1995 McLaren F1 for sale

Finished in red on the outside, the car has a clear and “well-documented” history from new. The ad doesn’t mention the exact mileage but says it has enough miles “to be usable,” whatever that means. Obviously, it’s not a garage queen but it’s in a very decent overall condition.

Under the bonnet, of course, is a 6.1-litre BMW-sourced V12 engine. The BMW S70/2 motor has 627 bhp (461 kilowatts) and 479 pound-feet (650 Newton-metres) of torque at 5,600 rpm. With a redline at 7,500 rpm, the F1’s V12 remains one of the best combustion engines ever made.

The power is channelled to the rear wheels through a standard six-speed manual gearbox. It uses a carbon triple-plate clutch contained in an aluminium housing and was developed in cooperation with Wiesmann transmissions in California. 

Back to this particular example, there doesn’t seem to be a price listed in the ad. If you are interested, obviously, you’ll have to contact the seller. If you are on the market for a brand new supercar featuring a similar concept though, you should better check the Gordon Murray T.50.