Gunther Werks has completed another amazing 993-generation Porsche 911 custom. It calls this one the Irish Green Commission, and there's not much question about why as soon as you look at the body.

The Irish Green colour is deep and is a fantastic match to the body's rounded lines, particularly the big rear wheel arches. Gunther Werks adds contrast by leaving the underlying carbon fibre exposed for a pair of stripes and roof. There are light gold stripes along the side, and the five-spoke wheels have a matching colour.

Gallery: Gunther Werks Irish Green Commission Porsche 911

Inside, there's a mix of English tan leather, Charcoal-coloured Alcantara, and lots of exposed carbon fibre. The buyer commissions Gunther Werks' touring specification that uses thicker leather padding throughout the cabin and extra sound deadening. This puts a focus more comfort on sporty driving, rather than pure track performance. A green tachometer references the exterior shade.

Power comes from a 4.0-litre flat-six engine from Rothsport Racing that makes 435 bhp (324 kilowatts) and 335 pound-feet (454 Newton-metres). The other performance tweaks include Brembo brakes and suspension pieces from Eisenlohr Racing and JRZ Suspension Engineering. The suspension canisters are anodised green as an extra touch.

The Irish Green Commission is part of Gunther Werks' 993 Remastered programme, which is limited to 25 cars. The company sold this one through its partnership with Pagani Beverly Hills and worked with the person who commissioned the custom machine to fit exactly the right specifications.

Gunther Werks debuted its fully carbon fibre body for the 993-gen 911 at Monterey Car Week in 2018. It didn't specify how much weight switching to the lightweight material saved. Compared to the stock exterior, the front wings/fenders and rear quarters were 75 millimetres (3 inches) wider. The company also sculpted a ducktail spoiler into the rear deck.