It’s no surprise that the new BMW M3 has proven to be a very controversial topic in the automotive world. Excluding the front fascia, the rest of the vehicle is clearly an upgrade over the previous model. Even so, the German tuners at Manhart have already completed extensive modifications to the sports car.

On the exterior, a number of parts are available to give your M3 the definitive gold and black colour scheme associated with the Manhart brand. To satiate your inner desire to turn heads with your Bimmer, the MH3 package includes forged wheels and a decal kit – all tinted in gold. Also available are a number of raw carbon parts such as the bonnet, front splitter, rear spoiler, and the diffuser – a set of carbon side flaps is currently in the R&D phase.

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Under the bonnet, customers can expect the standard twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre inline-six engine to gain another 90 bhp (67 kilowatts) pushing competition models above the 600-bhp (447-kW) barrier. At the back, Manhart performance offers both cat-back and OPF-back exhaust systems with twin carbon tailpipes – each available with middle silencer replacement pipes.

To improve cornering, the German tuner also offers lowering springs made by H&R. Details on adjustability remain sparse, but the suspension modification is bound to produce a different aesthetic and ride feel. We’d be remiss not to mention that these items are also available for the BMW M4.

Regardless of your opinions on the new vehicle, it’s important to note that the ensemble of upgrades produces a package that’s equally profound and unique. These types of mods are bound to be controversial, but we can’t argue that they will set you apart from the crowd.