The Tesla Model 3-rivalling Polestar electric executive saloon has received top marks in the Euro NCAP crash test. The new five-seat, battery-powered Polestar 2 fastback scored well in every area of the test, with particularly strong adult and child occupant protection.

The 92-percent adult occupant protection score was a particular highlight, with protection rated ‘good’ in most areas. The 89-percent child occupant protection score was also impressive, with top marks in all areas, but it was let down very slightly by a slight lack of built-in child restraint systems.

Another highlight was the vulnerable road user protection score, which was solid at 80 percent. This score indicates how a pedestrian or cyclist might fare if they are involved in a collision with the car, and the Polestar benefitted from its ‘active’ bonnet that rises in a collision to soften the impact, as well as its on-board accident prevention systems.

2021 Polestar 2 Euro NCAP Crash Test

The result puts the Polestar on a par with its closest rival, the Tesla Model 3, in the safety stakes. When the Model 3 was tested in 2019, it received an excellent 96-percent rating for adult occupant protection and it scored 94 percent for its on-board safety tech. However, it didn’t score quite as well as the Polestar in terms of child and vulnerable road user protection, and it’s worth bearing in mind that the NCAP test has changed slightly of late to make it even tougher on new cars.

Also under the Euro NCAP microscope was the new Cupra Formentor – the first standalone model from Seat’s performance-orientated sister brand, Cupra. It too scored five stars, and it outperformed the Polestar in terms of adult occupant protection. It fell behind the Swedish car because the protection offered to vulnerable road users was not quite so impressive, but it still did enough to achieve a very respectable score.

The Lexus UX 300e electric crossover also received a five-star rating, although that score was inherited from its hybrid-powered sibling, the UX 250h. But because the car was not retested with electric power, the UX 300e has been recorded as achieving the score in 2019, when the test was slightly less stringent.

“We are now a year on from when Covid became a global pandemic and the car industry has had a torrid twelve months,” said Michiel van Ratingen, the secretary-general of Euro NCAP. “Sales are down and carmakers are having to find ways to cut costs and maximise profits. Euro NCAP is here to ensure that safety is not compromised, and it is rewarding that these two brands should place it high on their agendas. By now, safety is central to manufacturers’ strategies and they know that it is an area where consumers will not accept a drop in standards.”

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