There's a Bugatti customer out there with a sense of humour and money to burn. This person commissioned a custom Divo with a bespoke paint scheme that makes the exterior evoke the spots of a ladybug.

The customer from the US specifically asked for a geometric pattern with an algorithmic fading effect. Early on, Bugatti didn't think it was possible to deliver on this request. The company required a year-and-a-half of that just for implementing a way to get this sequence onto the body's complex curves without distorting the diamonds.

Gallery: Bugatti Divo 'Lady Bug'

In all, there are around 1,600 diamonds covering the body. Unlike an actual ladybug, the pattern on this Divo uses diamond shapes. The main colour is the bespoke shade Customer Special Red, and Graphite is the contrasting hue for the outlines.

To create this effect, Bugatti paints the body red and then applies a transfer film onto the exterior. The company makes sure the diamonds are in the right place before applying the Graphite paint. The job finally comes to removing each diamond meticulously to reveal the crimson shade underneath.

The company tested this process several times before doing it on the customer's car. "Every manoeuvre had to be exactly right in this painstaking task, therefore we decided to do another rehearsal before the final stage of work," Dirk Hinze, Bugatti's expert in customisation and surfaces, said.

Bugatti made just 40 units of the Divo at a base price of €5 million before options, so each one is already special. The company isn't saying how much this customer has to pay for such a complicated paint scheme.

Like all other Divos, power comes from a 8.0-litre quad-trubo W16 engine that makes 1,479 bhp (1,103 kilowatts). This is enough power to reach a restricted top speed of 236 miles per hour (380 kilometres per hour).