There has been a real challenge in marketing the performance of the Toyota GR Yaris in Australia because the automaker had to defend an ad for the hot hatch for a second time there. This time, Ad Standards Community Panel ruled that the automaker didn't need to change the commercial, according to Car Expert.

The ad (embedded above) has Australian rally driver Harry Bates in the GR Yaris. It starts off-road with him kicking up huge clouds of dirt. At the end, he pilots the car out of the field and onto a road.

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The complaint against the commercial claimed that it encouraged people to drive in an unsafe manner. The Ad Standards Community Panel decided that the general public wouldn't perceive this as promoting dangerous activities, and there was no indication that the GR Yaris was actually exceeding any speed limits.

By American standards, this looks like a fairly normal way to advertise a performance vehicle. The driver isn't doing anything particularly dangerous, and the car is going through an empty field. Even when the GR Yaris goes onto the paved road, the vehicle doesn't appear to be breaking any laws.

The last time that Toyota received a complaint about a GR Yaris ad (above), it had to take the offensive material out of the commercial. At around the eight-second mark, a man speeds away from a garage and slides the car a little. This brief moment is enough to receive a ruling that it "promotes speeding and may influence people to speed which is very dangerous."

Meanwhile in Europe, Toyota is running a similar ad for the GR Yaris that stars a rally driver, in this case Jari-Matti Latvala. In it, a young actress plays his niece and takes over the role of co-driver while they drive through a road, gravel path, and field.