Keeping your car clean during the winter can be tough. Freezing temperatures and constant road salt/sand means you simply cannot have a clean car all winter long unless you have access to a heated wash bay or if you’re willing to brave the cold. So what happens when you want to wash your black H2 Hummer but it's -40 degrees outside? Well, the team at Garage 54 has your answer.

When it comes to cold weather, there is something special about -40 degrees as it’s the exact same temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. This extreme level of cold means that no ordinary car wash is open which leads Garage 54 to wash their Hummer at their shop. Like a true detail enthusiast, a pressure washer-powered foam cannon was on site. Foam cannons allow for the even coverage of soap onto a vehicle without the risk of scratching the paint with abrasive sponges.

When the pink colour foam was applied to the Hummer in these freezing conditions it's instantly frozen. The chunky black hummer was slowly transformed into a pink blob that stands out on the ice-covered roads of Russia. The now pink foam hummer is a new way for owners to customise their vehicles to stand out from the crowd. If you live in a cold climate skip the expensive wrap and get yourself a foam cannon.

After a few coats, the Hummer H2 became a recognisable blob that you cannot even enter due to the thick ice coating. After a couple days of spraying the Hummer turned into a unique art piece that requires some careful digging to be driven again. This look is a hilarious way to use a tough situation like extreme cold and have fun with your vehicle.