A new Toyota Land Cruiser is upon us. And if we take the previous reports as truth, we could be looking at the new body of the Japanese SUV on these leaked images posted by Kurdistan Automotive Blog on Instagram.

According to the caption that comes with the images, the bare SUV bodies below were spotted in Japan, looking like they're sitting within the factory. Check the second image by swiping right on the embedded post below for a closer look.


The bare Land Cruiser body you saw above wasn't the only thing that leaked out. The chassis has also been spotted with the engine installed on it, as well as the alleged Land Cruiser doors. We embedded the other post below, but make sure to go through all the images so you'll have a view of the different angles of the ladder-frame chassis.


It's important to note that reports from last year said that the upcoming 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser will sit atop the current platform of the outgoing 200-series model. That rumour was from Japan's Best Car, which stipulated that Toyota has already advised dealers about the new SUV. The new-generation model, however, will get an extensive overhaul in other areas such as engines, drivetrain, and suspension.

Then again, let's all take these reports with a healthy dose of skepticism. April is just around the corner anyway so we'll know the truth soon enough.