That's on the WLTP cycle.

Mercedes-Benz recently unveiled the new 2022 C-Class. Part of the big news is a new PHEV model. It likely won’t come to North America, but Europeans can take advantage of the new performance it offers. 

The German automaker says the plug-in hybrid has an all-electric range of 62 miles. That’s impressive. Just keep in mind that’s Europe’s WLTP rating, which is known to be more generous than the EPA rating in the US.

2022 Mercedes C-Class Wagon front three quarter driving

The previous-generation C-Class plug-in was rated at 34 miles, but that was based on Europe’s previous NEDC rating which is less accurate. 

The new C-Class plug-in is able to achieve its long all-electric range thanks to a 25.4 kWh battery pack that powers a 129 bhp motor. The petrol engine produces 204 bhp. The new positioning of the battery pack allows for a completely flat cargo area, the previous model had an uneven surface.

The new GLE SUV and S-Class saloon PHEV models also achieve an all-electric range of 62 miles in WLTP testing.

Ola Kallenius, CEO of Mercedes parent company Daimler said:

"It really becomes a sensible option where literally from Monday through Friday you can drive emission free, but you still have the combustion engine to give you any flexibility you need.”

If Mercedes-Benz plug-ins can actually reach 62 miles on a full charge, that will make them among the best in the market. The discontinued Chevrolet Volt was king of plug-ins for years thanks to its all-electric range of 53 miles.