Last summer, Hyundai shifted the Ioniq name from being a model name to a sub-brand, teasing three new models under the marquee. The first, the Ioniq 5, debuted earlier this week, introducing a uniquely styled crossover with sharp lines and blocky lighting elements. KDesign AG took the new model and created a series of unofficial renderings that expand on the design, giving the crossover the N Line treatment while also turning it into a saloon.

The Ioniq 5 N Line rendering gives the crossover all of the requisite N Line upgrades. It features a sportier front lower bumper and a more aggressive rear valance. Gone are the standard Ioniq 5’s aero-optimized 20-inch wheels, which are replaced by sportier-looking shoes. It also looks like the crossover sits lower to the ground, which would likely be the case if Hyundai offered such a trim, giving the crossover a performance-oriented suspension.

Gallery: Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Line Renderings

The Ioniq saloon rendering takes the extended roof and squishes it. The front three-quarter view is a bit odd with the tall, upright windshield, though the rear three-quarter view looks better proportioned. The rear is a bit chunky, though the integrated spoiler lip above the crossover’s rectangular taillights looks good. It still sports the sharp design lines of the crossover and the wild-looking wheels. The crossover’s long wheelbase makes turning it into a saloon a bit difficult.

Hyundai designed the Ioniq 5 for maximum interior space and comfort, the crossover’s wheelbase measuring 10 cm longer than that of the larger three-row Hyundai Palisade. The South Korean automaker paired the cavernous interior with a flat floor, which is now possible with an all-electric powertrain. It’s unlikely Hyundai will give the Ioniq 5 the saloon treatment as the company intends the Ioniq 6 to be the production version of the Prophecy concept. We’re hoping that Hyundai sticks to the Prophecy’s design, just like it did with the 45 Concept and the Ioniq 5.  

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