We don’t have to explain how wild the idea of a high-riding Bugatti Chiron is, do we? A car designed to be as close to the road as possible with aerodynamics made to push it down even further at high speeds. But nothing is safe and untouchable in the world of virtual renderings as the French hypercar becomes a victim of the SUV mania in this new drawing.

Rafał Czaniecki, an industrial designer based in Shenzhen, China, sent us this mind-blowing Chiron Terracross project with the only goal to question reality. As he notes, the idea behind the car is to blend two very different car categories - super-fast supercars and high-riding 4x4s. And honestly, he nailed it.

Gallery: Bugatti Chiron Terracross rendering

Where do we even begin? The rendering keeps the original basic shape of the Chiron but alters nearly every other exterior detail. The vehicle rides on new large rims wrapped in special off-road rubber and the suspension is a few times taller than on the original Chiron. All of this hides under 3D-printed wheel arches with a transparent hexagon-based skeleton design.

The same design motif can be also found on the roof cargo system with integrated LED lights, as well as the headlights and taillights. A very similar pattern is used for the tire tread and even the exhaust pipes are hexagonal in shape. In case of a tyre puncture, there’s a spare wheel mounted atop the engine cover at the back.

The designer explains he’s added “additional details like digital scanners instead of classic mirrors, so the car can scan the terrain and suggest or help to move forward in challenging conditions.” A huge protection bar covering the entire front fascia rounds off the visual tweaks.