We’re no strangers to here in the United Kingdom. It’s an unfortunate eventuality of those wanting to live the Fast and Furious fantasy in the real world. However, no area is suffering from the dangerous past time more than Hong Kong, where 45 vehicles were recently intercepted on multiple reports of suspected street racing and illegal modification.

Instead of moving the vehicles to an impound lot, the local authorities opted to simply block off a busy thoroughfare and park them there. We can’t be certain whether it was a flex to send a message – or simply the lack of a proportionately sized parking lot – but images of the fleet have blown up the internet. 

It’s a tremendous sight to see, but we’d be remiss not to mention the reasoning behind this automotive spectacle. Unfortunately, as is often the case, many residents living near the expressway had complained about the excessive noise being emitted by these luxurious and sporty vehicles. While some might just dismiss this as petty tenants who can’t afford opulent supercars, this is a different story altogether.

To the uninitiated, the South China Morning Post reported that calls about street racing-related events rose by 40 percent in the first 11 months of 2020 – adding up to a total of 139 calls. Additionally, officers issued 222,905 fixed-penalty tickets and summons for speeding offenses in that same time period.

Opinions aside, street racing is a very important issue that’s been addressed in very different ways around the world. Here in the states, we have a range of programs promoting uber-cheap run-what-you’ve-brung events at the drag strip. Regardless, it takes nothing away from the spectacle of over 40 cars being pulled over on a public highway.