Last week, McLaren introduced the Artura, its new hybrid hypercar that packs significant performance for the price. It represents several firsts for the company, integrating the latest safety tech along with batteries and its “E-Motor.” However, McLaren has only shown off the fix-roofed coupe. It hasn’t said if a convertible version is coming, but our friends at created an unofficial rendering imagining what one would look like.

The Artura is a bit more mainstream than its previous supercars, though that doesn’t mean it doesn’t look like a McLaren. The Artura Spider rendering removes the roof, which drastically changes the greenhouse. The sloped roof is replaced with a pair of roll hoops that add some stylistic flair to the drop-top. The renderings also feature a pane of glass spanning between the roll hoops, which would likely reduce wind noise and buffeting. Little else changes, which is perfect considering the Artura’s sleek styling.

Gallery: 2022 McLaren Artura

It’s unclear if McLaren can turn the Artura into a convertible. It’s the first model to ride on the automaker’s new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture designed for hybrid powertrains. Powering the Artura is a twin-turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 that pairs with an electric motor in the transmission bell housing that produces a total of 671 bhp (500 kW) and 593 pound-feet (804 Newton-metres) of torque. The electrified powertrain helps the car hit 62 miles per hour (100 kilometres per hour) in 3.0 seconds flat with a limited top speed of 205 mph (329 kph).

There’s no indication McLaren is planning an Artura Spider, though the company is quite mum about future products. If McLaren offered such a model, it’d be pricier than the hardtop version, which starts at £185,500 for the base model in the UK. That not only gets you a lot of performance, the Artura also offers soft-close doors, adaptive cruise control, high-beam assist, Apple Car Play and Android Auto, and other goodies. It’s a very compelling package that could use the convertible treatment.