Charging an electric car can often be more of an adventure than you’d want it to be, particularly if you’re charging because your EV is running really low on juice, and anxiety starts to set in. As people who drive electric cars regularly, we’ve all experienced some form of issue with chargers, either they didn’t work at all, the car wouldn’t communicate with them or it would charge at such a slow rate that it was pointless to keep charging.

Lovecars had some issues finding a spot to charge the Ford Mustang Mach-E they were testing in the United Kingdom. It took them hours upon hours search for a charger, after getting up very early specifically to find one that was free, but to no avail, and they ended up having to trickle charge it via a household plug overnight.

So they actually ended up not finding a charger on the first day, and according to the video’s host, this situation is generalised regardless where you are in the UK, not just in the south of the isle where they were.