One of our readers, Nick Mercadante, recently saw the revised Tesla Model S Plaid on a highway in California. The photos are much clearer than some we previously posted of the refreshed Model S and now we can finally see some of the changes on an actual vehicle out on the road.

Gallery: Tesla Model S Plaid scoop

The first thing that we noticed is the new front lip spoiler. It’s a protruding splitter and it definitely lends a bit more aggression to the (ageing) Model S front end. The diffuser in the rear may also be different, but we can’t quite tell from these photos if it is indeed new. Another cosmetic detail that we noticed is that all the trim on the car is blacked out - no more chrome or light grey, not even on the door handles.

This example did not appear to have the new yoke, but a conventional steering wheel instead. We were not able to make out any additional details, but there is a good chance this does feature the new interior with the revised design and new screens. The exterior didn't have any badges (other than the two Tesla Ts, so we cannot confirm which specific version this is).