Where do we even begin on this video? Yes, a very loud Ferrari Enzo is the focus of this latest supercar adventure from Shmee150. We hesitate to call it the star of this show, however, because there are so many legendary supercars in this 22-minute clip. Welcome to life in Miami.

So yeah, before we wax poetic on the glory of a straight-piped 6.0-litre Ferrari V12, we need to address the plethora of other amazing machines in this clip. The action takes place at We Are Curated in Miami, and if you aren't sitting down we suggest taking a seat now. That will help you better enjoy the fleet of Lamborghini Diablos and Countaches materialising before your eyes. For that matter, there's also a fleet of Jaguar XJ220s – approximately half the total examples currently in the States according to the clip.

Such a venue makes even legendary classics like the Porsche 959, Ferrari Daytona, and Lamborghini Miura seem almost anonymous, but yes, those cars are also on-station. Mind you, these are just the cars sitting in the showroom; there are more XJ220s and Diablos in the workshop. And just when you think it can't get better, the cover is lifted on the first production Ferrari F50. This is indeed a very special place.

So, how does one top such a supercar tour? Petrolheads around the world are always drawn to the sound of horsepower, and few sounds will turn heads quicker than the cold start of a Ferrari V12. To refresh your memory, the Enzo's mill is naturally aspirated and produces 660 bhp in stock trim. With the exhaust system obviously freed up on this particular car, it's certainly making a bit more than that. However, such details matter not for this cruise around town. As the car warms up, the exhaust note loses just enough rasp to sound absolutely heroic under acceleration.

We don't often see the Enzo, never mind see one in action. Only 400 Enzos were built and most are kept well-protected in collections, so simply seeing one is special. Catching one in action is even better, so kick back, turn your speakers up, and live your supercar fantasies vicariously through this video. Go ahead, you've earned it.