BMW’s well-camouflaged 7 Series and i7 test vehicles have kept much of the car’s stately design hidden from view. It’ll be months before BMW reveals it, leaving us to wonder what it looks like in the meantime. Until then, though, a new video from the CarSpyMedia YouTube channel has captured several 7 Series variants, and the i7 testing in Germany, with one test vehicle spotted getting a car wash. Everyone needs to clean up before heading to work.

The video captured the 7 Series with the new quad exhaust design in motion, which is believed to be the top-tier combustion-powered offering. It’s unclear if the mighty V12 lies under the bonnet as increasingly stringent emissions regulations make it costly to develop and engineer such an engine. We’ll have to wait for BMW to tell us. The spy video also caught a 7 Series with an odd pair of tailpipes sticking out from under the rear valance. They appear to connect to the mufflers tucked behind the rear bumper, though their purpose is unclear.

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There’ll be an all-electric variant, too. It’s easy to spot the i7 with the “Electric Test Vehicle” placard on the doors. It shares its design with the petrol-powered model, which features an upright front end, a long bonnet, and a litany of cameras – like those rearward-facing ones integrated into the front wings/fenders. Details about the powertrain remain a mystery, though BMW is rumoured to offer up to three all-electric variants with different outputs and ranges. The question remains as to how BMW will achieve that.

All-wheel-drive is rumoured to be standard on nearly every model except two – the entry-level i7 and the diesel-powered 7 Series. The model is not expected to arrive until the 2023 model year, which means we likely won’t see BMW reveal it until late this year or in early next. Rumours point to production possibly beginning in July 2022.