While a motorhome with a popup roof isn't too weird, the SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition is the first one we're familiar with that has a whole second story, complete with a balcony, that extends out of the top. If that's not special enough, there's even an elevator for accessing this area.

From the outside, this Maxus looks like a fairly normal, van-based motorhome. One notable feature is at the back where massive LEDs outline the rear area.

Gallery: SAIC Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition RV

Stepping inside, the Maxus Life Home V90 Villa Edition shows off lots of luxury. There are large windows on each side, and these sections slide out to create 20 square metres of living space. In the press photos, the company shows the interior with blocky, modern furniture and a neutral colour palette, which creates a comfier atmosphere.

The kitchen includes a cooktop and an oven, so you could make Thanksgiving dinner in this rig. There's also a fridge and sink. In the back, there's a bathroom with a shower.

When extended the upper area is airy and looks ideal for an area to sit down and enjoy the view. There's 12.4 square metres of space. The awning over the top is illuminated so the relaxation can last well into the night. The windows are adjustable between clear and opaque in case folks up there want some privacy, according to New Atlas. A doorway allows access to the balcony that's positioned over the van's cab.

Pricing for the Maxus Villa Edition in China starts at ¥2.68 million (£295,000 at current exchange rates). SAIC doesn't sell its motorhomes in Europe though, so don't expect to see this double-decker wonder at a campsite anytime soon.