It's been nearly six months since we learned of Maserati's plan to unveil a sport-utility companion for its Levante. The smaller sibling is called Grecale, and frankly, we haven't heard much about this vehicle since the initial news dropped in September 2020. That changed rather dramatically today with a slathering of teaser images posted to social media.

To answer the obvious question, the images are official. Maserati Chief Exterior Designer Danilo Tosetti and Maserati Head of Design Klaus Busse posted a series of shots to their Instagram accounts, giving us a taste of what to expect. There's some commonality to the Levante, notably with its low-slung shape that places it decidedly into the crossover realm. It will be a Levante companion in the automaker's lineup as opposed to a lesser model; the teasers thus far suggest it won't be significantly smaller in size. Studying the blurry images, we detect a larger grille and a smaller backside compared to the Levante.

Gallery: Maserati Grecale prototype teaser photo

Underneath, the Grecale will share a platform with the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. Last year, Maserati told our Italy colleagues that its focus would be more on dynamism and practicality, which we interpret to mean something with reasonable space for passengers and some cargo, but designed to be a rip-snorting performance machine on the street.

To that end, we don't yet have insight on specific powertrain options, though Maserati has pledged to offer electric versions of its new models so an EV Grecale is expected at some point. If it borrows additional Stelvio equipment, a range-topping model with a 500-bhp twin-turbocharged V6 could be part of the package.


We also don't have clear insight as to exactly when the Grecale will hit the streets. Maserati is sticking to its timeframe of Spring 2021 for a reveal, but that will be for the prototype. Barring additional COVID-19 delays, perhaps we'll see Grecales at dealerships at some point for 2022.