The McLaren 765LT that belongs to DragTimes is making waves by setting incredibly quick quarter-mile times with the supercar. Despite being mechanically stock, the machine is capable of times in the low nine-second range. In this video, it gets a real challenge from a tuned Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

The mods to the GT500 include a full collection of bolt-on parts. There's an upgraded supercharger making more boost and running on race fuel. Plus, a tweaked exhaust. Just with these changes, the car is making 1,110 bhp (820 kilowatts) to the wheels. It's running the stock dual-clutch gearbox.

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The only modification to the 765LT is a different set of tires than stock. The McLaren now wears Toyo R888R rubber.

It's immediately clear that this is going to be a good race because the Mustang covers the quarter-mile in 9.41 seconds during its test run. The McLaren is going to have a real challenge to beat the Ford.

When they line up, the 765LT takes a slight lead off the line, but the Mustang quickly makes up the difference. The GT500 pulls ahead and manages to win by 0.16 seconds.

The next race highlights just how closely matched these vehicles are. The McLaren crosses the line just 0.01 seconds ahead of the Ford. However, looking at the time slip shows that the Mustang was actually 0.075 seconds faster, but the driver's slower reaction time gave the win to the 765LT.

The red mist descends for the final race, and both drivers jump the start. Since the Mustang started first, the win goes to the McLaren. In terms of elapsed times, the GT500 was the quicker vehicle.