In the new era of electrified crossovers and soft-roaders, we are glad there are still at least a few manufacturers that build capable off-road vehicles. Among them are Land Rover, Jeep, and Toyota - and even a luxury brand like Mercedes-Benz is still putting together the G-Class. In its latest form, it’s way more refined than its predecessor but it’s still not available in the more rugged 4x4 Squared version.

That will change very soon, it seems. Our spies have caught a camouflaged prototype of the lifted G-Class testing in winter conditions and refuelling at a petrol station. The test car looks almost ready for production, through the disguise hints at some final adjustments and evaluations.

Gallery: 2022 Mercedes G-Class 4x4 Squared spy photos

This new prototype is finished in an awesome blue colour and interestingly, the front fascia has a different colour. That might be because it’s been taken off another prototype for testing purposes but from what we are able to see, there are no design changes compared to earlier trial vehicles.

These new photos provide a closer look at the suspension of the G-Class 4x4 Squared. If you zoom in, you’ll see the front lower aluminium wishbones and the off-roader’s massive brakes. As a side note, the red brake calipers don’t look like a very good match for the exterior hue but we suppose many different customisation colour options will be available when the model goes into production.

Everything looks ready for the debut of the new hardcore G-Class but there’s no official launch date yet. Seeing how naked this prototype is, we suppose the grand premiere could take place in the next few months. With no Geneva Motor Show coming next month though, the debut should be in entirely digital form.