Hot on the heels of the Ace sports car debut in December last year, Alpha has just unveiled another new product with retro styling. What you see in the gallery below is the Jax electric crossover utility vehicle which is based on the same electric vehicle platform and combines “versatile all-road performance, durability, and clean power”

Still a concept, the Jax stands for a “junior all-terrain crossover” which suggests there might be bigger and more competent SUVs from the automaker coming in the future. The Jax rides on the same architecture that also underpins the Ace two-door and has been designed with a 75-kWh battery in mind.

Gallery: Alpha Jax electric CUV

It may look like a small vehicle but in fact, the Jax is 4,560 millimetres (180 inches) long and 1,930 mm (76 in) wide, which is roughly the size of the previous generation Subaru Forester. The utility seats four and offers 1,769 litres (62.5 cubic feet) of combined storage.

Alpha envisions the vehicle in two versions - with a single-motor powertrain or with a more sophisticated AWD system. With the latter, it should be capable of towing 839 kilograms (1,850 pounds) and accelerating from a standstill to 60 miles per hour (0-96 kilometres per hour) in about 6.5 seconds. The targeted range at a single charge of the batteries is 250 miles (402 kilometres).

Alpha says it has designed the Jax for “consumers looking for solid four-wheel-drive performance without the carbon emissions.” At this point, it’s still being described as a concept but Alpha says it is already accepting early orders for it.

The company hasn’t disclosed its actual production plans but the Jax will start from $38,000 (£27,400 at current exchange rate) when it goes on sale. Alpha intends to begin delivering electric vehicles to American customers as early as 2023 so you have enough time to decide.