You're probably wondering which car wins this contest of speed. However, you might also wonder if buyers for either the Toyota Supra or the Mercedes-AMG A45 S are really cross-shopping these models. Both are silver, but aside from that, we're talking about a two-door, two-seat sports car with rear-wheel drive versus a four-door, four-seat hot hatch with all-wheel drive. Those are completely different genres, to say the least.

Here's the thing. This video comes from Motor in Australia, where these two cars are priced very competitively with one another. Power levels are similar too, with the Merc taking a slight advantage at 416 bhp (310 kilowatts) versus 382 bhp (285 kW) in the Supra. From that perspective, it's entirely possible to consider a performance-savvy shopper mulling either vehicle as a new purchase, with the difference really coming down to a bit more practicality in the AMG versus sports car fun in the Supra.

On paper, one would expect the A45 S to hold an advantage. The video actually covers all kinds of tests, but we love drag racing so we have the video above set to start there. Numerous pulls are made between the two cars, both from a dig and a roll, and the results are surprising. We say that not because one car dominates the other, but because of the role technology plays in the outcome. Depending on launch control settings, traction settings, drive modes, and shift modes, the advantage shifts back and forth between the cars. It's rather telling of just how big a role current tech plays in the realm of performance.

Does one car at least hold an edge throughout the races? On that front, we offer a qualified yes, and you can probably guess where that advantage lies. Or can you? The Mercedes has a power advantage with all-wheel drive, but the Supra is a fair chunk lighter and its launch control is quite effective. Care to place any bets before you click play on the video?

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