Most of the time, the renderings we feature are presented as pure works of fiction with no hope of ever seeing production. The high-riding Porsche 911 you see at the top of the page is a rendering, and yes, it's unofficial. This time around, however, it's extremely likely you'll see this car on the road someday. gave us the nod to feature this rendering, which depicts a brand new 911 Safari coming directly from Porsche's factory in Stuttgart. Of course, the motoring world is well acquainted with off-road-friendly 911s, but they generally come from aftermarket conversions, racing applications, or one-off builds like the Safari 911 built by Porsche back in 2012. Recent spy shots of lifted 911 test vehicles at the Nürburgring tell us this won't be another one-off creation. In fact, this rendering is based on those spy photos.

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As such, this 911 Safari rendering doesn't simply add ground clearance and wheel gap. We've seen different front and rear fascias designed to offer better approach and departure angles, and that's depicted here on the backside. The license plate moves up similar to what you get on a 911 Turbo, but the bumper isn't fitted with the Turbo's aero items. It sits a bit shallower, and if you look at the wheel arches you'll see rubberized trim to help protect against damage. We see the same features on real-life 911 Safari test cars.

What will power the 911 Safari? That information is still a mystery, though we don't expect the insane levels of power you get from the 911 Turbo. The 443-bhp turbocharged flat-six engine from the Carrera 4S combined with all-wheel drive would create an exceptionally quick vehicle for tacking loose surfaces. Even with all-wheel-drive and a proper set of gravel rally tyres, such a beast would be an absolute handful to keep under control. We're cool with that.

So now, the waiting game begins. We haven't had many encounters with real-life 911 Safari prototypes, and knowing Porsche's lengthy public evaluation time, it may not see the light until 2022. If this rendering is an indication of the final product, it should be worth the wait.