Now while we have shown you plenty of instances where Teslacam footage showed people’s dark side, the crazy and inconsiderate things they do, this time is different. This Tesla driver spotted cars swerving to avoid something up ahead on the motorway and that something soon turned out to be someone.

The drivers were swerving to avoid a woman who had crashed her Mitsubishi into the median barrier and this had spun her car around, throwing her out of the car into the path of oncoming cars. As soon as the Tesla driver spotted the woman on the ground, he parked his car so as to protect her and called emergency services.

But wait, there’s more. An off-duty sheriff’s officer was driving one of the cars that swerved to avoid the wreck in the first place. He called the incident in and then proceeded to direct traffic around the crashed vehicle and the woman who was still on the ground (apparently with a broken arm and leg, according to Wham Baam Teslacam).

Then a medical worker in a pickup truck also stopped to see if he can lend a hand. This is one of those situations that should do wonders for restoring your faith in humanity, if for some reason you may have lost it.