Those in the know are aware that TheStradman has done some crazy things in his time as an internet personality. Whether it be building a 6x6 Jeep mega tank, buying his dog a truck, or taking supercars onto salt flats, this video certainly takes the cake. So what puts this instalment at the top of the list?

Firstly, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, he had a Lamborghini Aventador fitted with snow tracks. At first glance, the final result may look tremendous, but keen mechanical sympathisers will likely be inconsolable after seeing the modifications. However, this is clearly an experimental vehicle, and those come with inherent setbacks.

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To the uninitiated, the tracks put increased load on components like the power-steering pump, suspension arms, clutch, and even the engine. As such, it only takes a mere five minutes into the video for the clutch light to come on; you probably saw this one coming, as the team could smell the clutch going right from the moment this beast left the trailer.

Contrary to popular belief – or just as you’d expect – driving the Lambo tank in the snow was hard work. As the tracks kicked up an otherworldly amount of snow, visibility was at a premium even with the wipers on full blast. However, that didn’t stop Stradman and company from having a blast in winter’s wonderland.

Unfortunately, the Aventador went bang towards the end of the video and had to be towed back to home base. It proved to be a rather unsurprising end to the story, but we’d wager that the Italian supercar will make a comeback in a future video.