Here is a short but very telling video about an unfortunate endeavour involving a Tesla Model 3 somewhere in Glasgow, Scotland (reportedly the steep Blythswood Street).

As we can see, besides the steep slope, there was unforgiving ice under the snow, which means that it was mission impossible from the beginning. Even snow tyres will not save a car in such circumstances.

The driver, after a short while for consideration, decided to proceed. Then, he seems to be totally surprised and helpless as there is no sign of fight to actually move to the right to avoid a parked car. We guess that he initially just pressed the brake and turned the wheel, which probably determined the outcome. Easy to say, but maybe accelerating would be better?

Tesla crash in snow (source: Viral Viral 1717)

Anyway, the attempt failed. Unfortunately, another car was damaged too, and since the weather is bad, you can't even easily get help.

According to British media, it was not the last car that ended in a similar way, smashing into the same parked car.