As much as automakers would love to have the same cars for sale worldwide, different markets have peculiarities. Europe loves hatchbacks, while China loves sedans. Although the world seems to love SUVs, they are not one-size-fits-all. This is why Tesla will develop a $25,000 (approx. £18,000) car for China and one for Europe, as Elon Musk already confirmed. With that in mind, the rendering artist @Theottle sent InsideEVs his idea for such a car.

Since its target is to be more affordable than the EVs Tesla currently sells, it will use many components that are already in Tesla’s vehicles. The door handles and the rearview side mirrors are the same ones used in the Model 3 and Model Y.

$25,000 Tesla Could Look Like This, According To Renderer @Theottle

The taillights also seem to be borrowed from the Model 3. Considering the refreshed Model S and Model X dumped the MCU in favour of the ICE, we’d bet the interior of the £18,000 will be very similar to that on the Model 3 and Model Y, even if probably even simpler than the cabin in those cars.

Hatchbacks are not properly known for their aerodynamic qualities. To improve that, Tesla could bet on a less truncated rear than the one presented in these renderings, in a coupe-like fashion, but that would hurt roominess. As the £18,000 Tesla should be shorter than the Model 3, it will be interesting to see which compromise the company prefers to take.

Tesla may choose to make it larger so that it can still offer 300 miles of range with LFP batteries, as the company insinuated it would have in a Tesla Battery Day slide. The more Tesla can put in its battery pack, the longer it will be able to run in a single charge.

What @Theottle wants more with these renderings is to learn is what Elon Musk thinks about them. You can find his work on Instagram. In case you are close to the Tesla honcho, help our rendering artist by showing him these drawings and tell @Theottle what Musk said about them. If you manage to learn what the real deal is, remember to share it with us.