Keen readers will know that Volkswagen can strut its stuff on electric avenue. Whether it be the ID.R race car – which shattered EV records at landmark events like Pikes Peak and the Nurburgring Nordschleife – or nearly outselling Tesla when it comes to the road market, it’s clear that the German Automaker knows its stuff. However, a mule for the heavily anticipated ID.Buzz has recently been spotted.

So what tipped us off as this being a test mule? We’d be remiss not to mention the Elektrofahrzeug sticker – which translates to Electric Vehicle – caught our eye first. However, for those less inclined in linguistics, the mule is clearly hidden under a VW T6 body that’s shorter and wider than the normal car – less noticeable, but still fishy.

Gallery: VW ID Buzz Mule

Semantics aside, the German automaker has already revealed plans to draw the curtains on the ID.Buzz sometime in 2022 with the ID.Cargo soon to follow. For the uninitiated, the Cargo is a more utilitarian version of the standard ID.Buzz – not Sherlock Holmes work, but still important to mention.

For propulsion, VW has revealed that the battery capacity will range from 48 to 111 kWh with a range of up to 550 kilometres (342 miles). While the standard model will have a singular 150 kW motor in the back driving the rear wheels, there are plans for an AWD version. It’s not looking like a Tesla killer in the performance department, but prospective buyers likely have better things to worry about – top speed will be limited to 160 km/h (99 mph).

One clear party piece is a bank of roof-mounted solar panels that can boost your range up to 15 km (9 miles). We could go on, but it’s clear that Volkswagen has crafted its future around the EV, and has confidence that its product will deliver.