The video above gives us a solid idea of how Tesla's built-in dashcam technology (TeslaCam) can be very helpful, not only to the Tesla owner, but also to the authorities and insurance companies. However, over the longer term, standard technology like this could work to reduce aggressive driving, road rage, and other related road manners.

Sure, TeslaCam footage isn't really about EVs. However, we think it's very valuable and should be standard in all cars. When the technology first came to market, we covered it pretty heavily. We've hesitated to give it so much attention of late, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't advocate for safety organisations to eventually mandate such camera-based features.

Making cars safer is a clear goal, and safety organisations require certain features for that reason. While TeslaCam isn't a typical safety feature, and it's not going to "actively" save lives, it's valuable in more ways than many people realise. In addition, Tesla's related Sentry Mode security feature, which relies on the same Autopilot hardware, is arguably equally helpful.

Just think, if every car on the road eventually had such technology, we'd bet that there would be an eventual reduction in car theft, vandalism, aggressive driving, road rage, etc. Moreover, a reduction in such behaviour would lead to a reduction in potentially dangerous incidents and traffic accidents. If people can't get away with their terrible behaviour so easily, they tend to behave better, though there are certainly exceptions. 

Once more cars have built-in cameras, which many already do, adding camera-based security systems and safety-related technology will be more practical.