According to information gathered by Autocar, the upcoming 812 GTO Aperta could be Ferrari’s last naturally aspirated V12 car ever. This is of course, sad but expected news much like an ageing dog you’ve grown to love over the years.

You love them, cherish them, but deep down you know you will be there after they are gone. Thankfully Ferrari V12 engine cars will remain on the used market for the foreseeable future and it’s up to you to work hard enough to afford one.

It seems rather selfish to discuss the demise of an engine in an emotional sense because there are many more important things happening in the world. Adding to this conundrum lies the fact that whatever Ferrari decides to produce in the future will be faster and more capable.

So we’re left with the burden of holding on to something this simply worse on paper that we cannot afford, yet we deeply care. It’s not the engine that we're preparing to send off but rather the idea. The idea that a top-tier Italian supercar only needs a V12 engine to satisfy its customers.

This thought process has endured for 74 years hearkening back to 1947 when Ferrari sold its first V12 powered road car, the 125 S. Today, 74 years later, Ferrari is still selling a front-engine V12 road car, but that’s where similarities end. The 125 S didn’t even have a roof and could never have imagined the network of computers required to keep drivers of modern supercars safe on public roads. 

Things are changing. It’s all around us and we cannot stand in front of the freight train of innovation and hold it back. Today we are in a particular moment and tomorrow we will be somewhere else. What remains is our memories and appreciation for the things that once were. Sure the Ferrari V12 will change, but as long as our appreciation remains, its legend will always endure.