It’s probably safe to assume the Rimac C_Two is going to be a huge success for the hypercar company. Even before its official and full debut, the first-year production run of the electric vehicle is already sold out. That puts Rimac in a situation where it has to deliver an outstanding car to its customers who signed the documents before even seeing the final product.

The Croatian automaker knows that very well and is putting the C_Two through various tests. We’ve already seen the electric GT undergo crash, aerodynamic, and track tests, and in a new video, the manufacturer is detailing its suspension and chassis efforts.

Gallery: Rimac C_Two suspension tuning

Rimac is working in cooperation with renowned suspension specialists KW Suspension to calibrate the C_Two’s suspension. The goal is to create a balanced suspension tune that’s comfortable for long journeys yet very capable on race tracks. The initial simulations were followed by on-the-road evaluations on different proving grounds and tracks.

“The suspension system in the C_Two is the most innovative product that we have at KW suspension, and it’s necessary to deliver the broad range of abilities that Mate wants for the C_Two,” Klaus Wohlfarth, KW Suspension’s managing director, explains. “We’re proud to say that this is the latest partnership between our two brands, and we’ve worked with Mate since the very beginning 10 years ago when we provided the suspension for his all-electric BMW E30 track car that inspired him to start building his own electric hypercars.”

The suspension of the C_Two features electronically adjustable dampers and active ride height. It is automatically controlled by seven sensors on the front axle, which detect rapid acceleration and adjust the suspension according to the current situation. 

Rimac says the final production version of the electric hypercar will be unveiled in “just a few months.”

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