The Corvette C2 is thought by many to be the prettiest Vette ever penned, but since it was produced between 1963 and 1967, it’s a bit of a (very pretty) relic by today’s standards. Some people are restomodding these to give them modern performance and safety, but we bet nobody is planning anything remotely as crazy as what Ava wants to do with the C2.

Ava is a company based in Wicklow county, Ireland, has big plans for a Corvette C2 based project. It has also enlisted the help of Ian Callum’s design company, as well as the C2’s original designer, Pete Brock (now in his mid-80s). They call it the Ava Hyperclassic and the name is basically self-explanatory - it’s a classic but with hypercar performance achieved by fitting the vehicle with an all-electric powertrain whose combined output is in the region of 1,200 to 2,000 bhp.

On its official website, Ava explains that

At the time, this car was so groundbreaking for an American company, that its creation had to be hidden away from the rest of the complex for fear of the programme being shut down. In a secret room, behind a secret door, the 19-year-old Peter drew his sketch on a humble piece of paper.

But sacrifices had been made in translating the design into production; the styling vision and aerodynamic performance was compromised. The car should have conquered the world on the race track. Instead, perfection was never fully realised.

Today, AVA brings together two legendary designers – Peter Brock and Ian Callum – to perfect this iconic American classic. Inspired by the original sketch, the final chapter of the C2 is being written – in its ultimate embodiment of timeless beauty.

We currently have no details on how many vehicles they intend to build or any specifics, but each example could fetch somewhere in the region of €1.2 to €2-million (£1.06- to £1.77-million). No time frame for its possible launch has been mentioned yet.