Shiny, shimmering aftermarket rims aren't exactly my type. It's a matter of personal opinion but most of the people within my circle share the same notion that no matter how pricey they come, chrome wheels turn cars a bit on the gaudy side.

Of course, there are always exemptions to this belief, and this Lamborghini Aventador SV fitted with glossy Vossen wheels definitely joins that list. For anything, they even add sleekness to the supercar, and we just love how it turned out.

Gallery: Lamborghini Aventador SV with Vossen 3-piece Evo-2R wheels

Jason Yaco (@jasonyaco on Instagram) owns this Aventador SV in question here. Even before the addition of the new set of wheels, the SuperVeloce already looks gnarly with its blue paint accentuated with yellow details.

In one way or another, the 22-inch (rear) Vossen wheels complement the whole styling. In case you're interested, the exact model is a three-piece Evo-2R that comes in gloss clear finish. The set isn't cheap, though, as Vossen's website shows that this forged Evo R Series wheel has a starting price of $2,600 (approx. £1,900) apiece. The company's open to customisation for various applications, as well, and in this particular example, the front wheels are narrower and a tad smaller than the rear ones.

Apart from the glossy Vossen rims, this Aventador SV also had its suspension lowered by Champion Motorsport. The Florida-based tuner, which specialises in performance upgrades and service of exotic cars, was also tasked to give the expensive rims a ceramic coating before having them installed onto the supercar.

Browse through the gallery above or watch the supercar in motion through the video embedded on top to see if it can change your prejudice against shiny rims.