With the first month of 2021 nearly behind us, German-based Mansory is taking another crack at a customized Mercedes-AMG G63. The tuning company is well-acquainted with the luxury SUV, offering affluent buyers everything from a bonkers pickup-truck conversion to a posh armored security vehicle. This time around, it's all about two things: green paint and forged carbon that ends up looking like gray marble.

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Gronos. If that sounds a bit familiar, it's because the moniker was used previously by Mansory for custom G wagens. Whereas they were eyeball-searing shades of yellow, the latest Gronos is much darker thanks to an exterior coat of British Racing Green. In contrast to that you'll find all kinds of forged carbon additions, starting with the front apron but it's probably most noticeable on the bonnet. A lighted visor also gets the forged treatment, as do the door handle inserts, wing vents, mirror caps, and the external spare tyre cover at the back, among other things.

Gallery: Mercedes-AMG G63 Gronos By Mansory

Moving inside, Mansory gives the G-Class a full makeover in a shade of tan leather called Fawn Brown. A leather-carbon steering wheel is added, as are dark carbon inlays, aluminium pedals, and 3D embossing on the seats. To keep your eyes busy, all the carpeting is black for a sharp contrast. Compared to the dark exterior, the interior is certainly bright.

This Mansory package isn't just for show, however. Under the bonnet, the twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 gains a significant power boost and we mean that literally. Larger turbochargers shove more air into the engine, while an upgraded exhaust helps the gases escape quicker.

A fresh engine management system makes sure everything works in harmony, and the result is a stout 850 bhp. As a result, Mansory says the Gronos will reach 62 mph in 3.5 seconds. The top speed is limited to 155 mph.

There's no word on cost, but Mansory will only build 10 so if you have to ask ... you know the drill.