Identifying each and every 911 version could take the better part of an hour since Porsche likes to churn out a wide array of derivatives to serve highly specific purposes. We already know the lineup will expand to include a hybrid model, but it appears there’s yet another version in the pipeline – the Safari.

Our spies first laid eyes on the high-riding 911 back in October, and now they’ve spotted another prototype from Zuffenhausen with a jacked-up suspension. Beyond the obvious boost in ground clearance, the test vehicle had beefier wheel arches, possibly to accommodate a wider track.

At the front, we’re getting the sensation Porsche has fiddled with the bumper’s design to improve the approach angle. It's a similar story at the back where the license plate now sits slightly higher and the bumper has been modified, likely to improve the car's departure angle.

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The last time Porsche built a Safari-style 911 was in 2012, but it wasn’t until November last year when the car was revealed. It was a driveable prototype with beefy wheel arches and a lifted suspension. It even had a light bar on the roof and chunky bumpers to enhance the off-road vibe. The interior was stripped down to the bare essentials and gained bucket seats along with a roll cage.

While the 2012 911 Safari was a purely internal one-off affair, it would appear its direct successor will be commercially available. Porsche has been testing prototypes in the same vein as we’ve seen them evaluating the upcoming GT3 or the Turbo S that came before it. It’s unclear at this point whether it will be a permanent member of the lineup or a limited-run edition with a price to match.

Singer took matters into its own hands and developed the All-Terrain Competition Study as an off-road 911 with cues from the 953 and 959 models. The Dakar Rally-themed ACS was commissioned by a wealthy buyer who also ordered a second car for "high-speed, high-grip tarmac events."

Singer’s incredibly rad creation along with numerous aftermarket packages with raised 911s show there’s clearly a demand for a more versatile version of the iconic sports car. Needless to say, Porsche wants a piece of the action and this prototype on stilts is a sign of things to come.