Those in the know when it comes to motorsport will have likely heard the phrase if you want to win, hire a Finn. And that’s true when it comes to real racing, but also bleeds through into the video game world. As such, a recent article from Pentagon Group U.K. profiles where the best virtual racing drivers come from.

As racing simulation games have steadily improved in the realism department, this has given way to programs aimed to put the best sim racing talent behind the wheel of a real race car. It all started with the Nissan GT Academy, but most recently McLaren has built up its World’s Fastest Gamer competition. Semantics aside, it’s a booming industry brimming with fierce competition.

Gallery: Nissan GT Academy

That’s all well and good, but you probably want to know where the United Kingdom sits in the rankings right? Unfortunately, we’re the 15th best nation overall, but we sit in 4th of the standings for Formula 1 games – where Finland doesn’t even sit in the top five. However, other nations have a better touch when it comes to titles like Grand Theft Auto and Gran Turismo.

While we can be proud of our standing in Formula 1, it’s clear that Finland knows its way around games like Mario Kart and Simpson’s Hit and Run – where the Fins own the top spot. So we still haven’t mastered the art of rainbow road, but we’d wager that most of us would be okay with that. 

It’s no surprise that we all have some spare time on our hands to climb our way towards the top of the leaderboard. Until then, video games remain an excellent escape from the difficult times that we’ve all had to endure.