The future of the Audi A4 and A6 is fully electric, according to company boss Markus Duesmann in an interview with Germany's Manager Magazin as cited by T3N. However, dumping combustion engines isn't going to happen until around 2030.

Before then, Duesmann indicates that the next-gen A4 and A6 were arriving in 2023 and would still use combustion engines. The powertrain lineup for the new models would also include electric versions.

Gallery: 2022 Audi A4 renderings

The rendering above imagines the look of the next-gen A4. The info so far suggests the design receives an evolutionary update with lines that are sharper but still easily identifiable as an Audi.

The Audi boss sees plug-in hybrids as obsolete tech without much of a future, and he doesn't believe that governments are going to promote these powertrains, as EVs gain popularity. He believes making a quick transition to EVs is very important for the company. Despite this feeling, there would be a plug-in hybrid for the next A4 and A6.

Audi is also working hard on its Project Artemis EV. Duesmann tells Manager Magazin that the vehicle shouldn't be a saloon above the A8 or a crossover above the Q7. This statement suggests that the model might be a more accessible product, rather than a halo vehicle. The production version doesn't arrive until 2024, but a concept version debuts at the Munich Motor Show, which replaces the Frankfurt event, this fall.

Audi put Alex Hitzinger in charge of creating Project Artemis. He was previously the leader of VW Group's autonomous driving tech development, and he also worked on Apple's automotive endeavour. This background hints that the vehicle might have some cutting-edge assistance features.