BMW, like other automakers, are developing electric vehicles in anticipation of a complex and crowded future. The Bavarian brand is putting its all-electric i4 saloon through its final phase of driving dynamics testing, teasing the model at the same time. The crew produced a short video showing off the model's tail-happy attitude with i4 project leader David Ferrufino behind the wheel for the car's "final test drive."

The testing is designed to see how well the drive and suspension components work together. According to Ferrufino, the i4 achieves both a sporty and comfortable feeling, noting he likes the steering's linearity and that it's easy to move. It allows for two-finger drifting, too. The video shows the coupe-like saloon drifting with ease, though it's too short for any real analysis. The car is still covered in camouflage, hiding its finer styling details, though the i4 Concept did provide a nice preview of what to expect.

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The i4 will feature model-specific damper technology designed to reduce dipping movements in the body. The i4 will arrive offering up to 530 bhp of power, which will be able to rocket the saloon from zero to 62 miles per hour in four seconds. Sadly, there aren't many other details yet about the powertrain, though the automaker says the i4 will offer a range of up to 372 miles, though that's on the generous European WLTP test cycle.

BMW says it's just months away from officially revealing the i4. It's expected to arrive this year, though it'll be one of several variants that are expected to debut. Spy photos have captured the hotter i4 M, though it won't be a full-blown M model. Details are scarce, though it should make more power than the regular version, though it's range will be less.