The Mercedes S-Class may be widely regarded as the “best car in the world,” but nothing is perfect. Daimler has invested a whopping £650 at its Factory 56 plant in Sindelfingen in Germany to get it ready for the W223, and yet its flagship is already being recalled only a few months after entering production.

How could this have happened? Business Insider is reporting the inner tie rods are the culprit, potentially leading to serious steering issues in a worst-case scenario. Owners are being urged to make an appointment with their local Mercedes service shop to check the inner tie rods and replace them if necessary, free of charge.

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A company spokesperson told Business Insider that up to 1,400 cars delivered are being recalled, with the lettering informing owners about the hazard containing the word “immediately.” Mercedes explains the affected 2021 S-Class cars might not have the inner tie rods intended for this vehicle, in which case the connection to the steering rack might not “permanently withstand the stress of driving.”

According to Mercedes, the component is shipped by the supplier pre-assembled as a complete unit and then installed at the Factory 56. It goes to show the entire production process, even for an absolute flagship car built at a new high-tech plant, is only as strong as the weakest link. The same facility also builds the fancier Maybach S-Class and will add the fully electric EQS later this year.

Additional versions of the S-Class are in the works, including two plug-in hybrid AMGs expected to be called S63e and S73e. The V12 engine has lived to see a new generation, but not in the AMG S65 as it will be offered exclusively in the posh Maybach variant. The revamped S-Class has lost its two-door body styles, with Mercedes repositioning the new AMG GT Coupe and SL as replacements for the S-Class Coupe and S-Class Convertible, respectively.