If you thought the DeLorean Motor Company was dead, that’s not entirely true. The original one really kicked the bucket, but there’s another one in Texas. It happens to be DeLorean DMC 12’s biggest repair shop in the world. Created by Stephen Wynne in 1997, it had plans to relaunch the car in low volumes, but there was a twist: the engine it would receive is no longer an option. That will probably lead all these new DMC 12 units to be electric.

This is what the company published today in its blog for the people waiting to buy one of these new DeLoreans since at least 2007. The new DeLorean Motor Company would just assemble some with all the parts Wynne bought back in 1997 along with the original company’s name. By 2016, DMC decided to make these new cars with modern mechanics and other improvements under the “Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act.”

2019 DeLorean DMC12

Among these changes was the choice of a new engine. The PRV (Peugeot, Renault, and Volvo) 2.8-litre V6 engine was the main complaint owners of the DMC 12 John DeLorean built in Ireland had. As you know, the plans were postponed. What you probably missed is that it was due to a lack of regulation that NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) managed to complete only now.

As the company describes, that led to multiple issues. Some suppliers went out of business with the pandemic, some of them were bought by others, and many people retired. If that was not enough on DMC’s plate, the combustion engine it had chosen to produce these cars is now too old to comply with emission regulations.

2019 DeLorean DMC12

In a brilliant move – if you ask us – the new DeLorean Motor Company is considering “an all-electric as the future.” The company argues that it would make “for an easier path through emissions maze which still looms large over any internal combustion engine” and that customers would probably welcome an electric DMC 12 in a way an electric Cobra never would be, for example.

Although the decision is still not taken, EV fans can show the new DeLorean Motor Company some support. The car would not have the V6 engine anyway. Instead, it would have an engine expected to lose compliance with emission regulations in 2022. 

With a shift to electric mobility, the new DMC 12 will never have to worry about that – and the video above would have to edit the engine noise. DeLorean Motor Company may not even feel the need to suppress “Motors” from its name if electric motors are to power its future nostalgic cars.