Despite the debut of the new Subaru BRZ, Toyota has kept very quiet about the future of the next-gen GT86. A new design trademark filing in Australia might give us the first glimpse at the front bumper of the new sports coupe.

IP Australia shows the owners of this design as both Subaru and Toyota. Since the GT86 and BRZ are a joint venture between these automakers, it makes sense for them both to hold this trademark. They filed the paperwork on 30 October 2020, and the office published the info on 18 January.

Gallery: Toyota GT86 Front Bumper Filing

The images also show the lower fascia with the cutouts for the headlights. The grille has a trapezoidal shape with the side widening from top to bottom. Hexagonal mesh is in the centre. The sharp, narrow inlets in the corners have horizontal strakes inside of their openings.

Subaru BRZ Front Zoomed
Subaru BRZ Front Zoomed
Toyota 86 Front Bumper Filing Front
Toyota 86 Front Bumper Design Filing
Subaru BRZ Front Bumper
Subaru BRZ Front Bumper Design Filing

The comparison above shows the new BRZ and two filings from Toyota and Subaru for front fascias. Seeing them all together makes it clearer that the newly registered part has significant differences from the one on the BRZ. Most notably, the grille is taller and has a rounder outline in comparison to the other design's sharper edges.

While this design belonging to the Toyota GT86 seems like the most likely outcome, we can't entirely rule out that this design might be for the hotter BRZ that's in a recent spy video. The vehicle in that clip was under camouflage and didn't appear to wear this front end. The development team might have just been keeping things tightly under wraps, though.

While Toyota isn't talking about the new GT86 yet, the 2022 BRZ goes on sale in the US in the fall. Since the two models are so similar, we would expect them to arrive in showrooms at around the same time.

Unfortunately, Subaru has confirmed it has “no plans” to bring the BRZ to Europe and that it’ll be US-only affair. We don’t know if Toyota will do the same for the GT86.