There’s no beating around the bush in such a case – performing a burnout on a public road when there are lots of people and cars around is idiotic. If you’re still going to do it despite the obvious hazards, at least have the decency to know what you’re doing. That wasn’t the case for the driver of a Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe as his desperate attempt to perform a “celebratory burnout” at a wedding ended up in smoke, literally.

7NEWS Australia reports the incident took place last Sunday around noon in the Chester Hill suburbs near Sydney. Bystanders caught the whole incident on camera, and we can also see footage recorded from within the car by the passenger sitting in the back. Several failed attempts at performing a burnout took their toll on the poor rear-wheel-drive coupe, which was eventually engulfed in flames.

It’s unclear what went wrong, but perhaps the gearbox overheated and its oil caught fire. That said, we can see quite a lot of smoke, leading us to believe there was an engine and/or turbo malfunction of some sort. Either way, abusing the car while trying to do a burnout with the traction control on means the driver can kiss the manufacturer warranty goodbye. That’s especially true since there are videos showing his reckless behaviour.

25-year-old Jean-Pierre Mouawad is now facing charges for negligent driving, according to a Facebook post by the New South Wales Police Force. He is due to appear in court this March to explain his actions after initially saying the AMG "had caught fire while being driven down the road."


Local reports are saying he won the car in a raffle last year, a car he’ll likely never have the chance to drive again because it was pretty much destroyed. Firefighters rushed over to the scene, but this C63 probably won’t roar its V8 engine again.