'What Car?', a car publication out of the UK, just released the results of its 2021 Car of the Year awards. Interestingly, an American electric car company took home several impressive awards. The Tesla Model 3, Model X, and one of the automaker's key tech features each earned a win.

The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus is the winner of What Car's 2021 Large Electric Car of the Year award. What Car? notes the Model 3's range, performance, tech, and charging network as key ingredients to its success. Meanwhile, the all-new Volkswagen ID.3 snagged What Car's 2021 Small Electric Car of the Year award.


In What Car's Best Buy category, the Tesla Model X took home the award for Best Large Electric Car for Big Families. The Kia Niro electric crossover is What Car's Best Small Electric Car for Long Journeys. There are a few other electric cars and plug-in hybrids that also received awards, though some are unavailable in the States.

As Tesla continues to assert that it's way ahead of the competition when it comes to technology, its prized over-the-air software update capability received praise from What Car? as well. In fact, in the publication's Special Awards section, which only includes five total awards, Tesla is the winner of the technology award. The award is specifically related to Tesla's over-the-air updates. 

What Car? also points out that both the Model S and Model 3 are benchmarks for safety assistance features:

"Indeed, the Model 3 scored 94% in the driver assistance category in 2019 – a full 14% more than the next best car.”

Nonetheless, the Volkswagen ID.3 won the What Car? special award for safety.

To see the full 'What Car?' 2021 Car of the Year awards, following the source link below.