You’d expect James May, an automotive guru now almost in his 60s, to be be really into the classic cars that marked his youth. However, he’s actually kind of against driving classic cars and he’s more interested in the really modern stuff, preferably with an electric powertrain.

He still sees the appeal of classic cars, but he says they are not really for him any more. On that note, what do you think he’s going to say about the fully-electric MGB roadster created from the ground up by RWB Classic Cars, whose starting price is £90,000.

That is certainly a steep price to pay, especially since it isn’t a particularly quick EV, and this is one of the first point James makes about the car. However, since it is essentially a brand new car (there is no donor vehicle cannibalised for parts), one that’s hand-assembled and finished to a very high standard, it does start to make sense for the right collector.

And once James goes for a drive in the car, he really starts to see the charm of combining the pretty classic design and overall feel, with modern amenities and the torque and silence that only an electric motor can provide. Check out his video review of it published over on the DriveTribe YouTube channel.