Friends, we're going to be a bit harsh here. This German coupe-versus-coupe race is a bit of a snoozer. On the left we have a white BMW 4 Series. On the right we have a white A5 Coupe. There are no M badges, no S badges, and while each two-door car is turbocharged, neither breaks the 200-bhp (149 kilowatts) barrier. It's just a pair of £50,000 luxury coupes that frankly, look rather boring and quite pricey in this context.

Still, it's an important context because not everyone drops £80,000 for rip-snorting Autobahn burner. The BMW is a 420i fitted with a 2.0L engine making 184 bhp (132 kW), turning the rear wheels through an eight-speed automatic. The Audi is an A5 40 TSFI that also runs a 2.0L engine, though it's a bit stronger at 190 bhp (140 kW). You won't find a Quattro system here, however – this A5 turns the front wheels only thanks to a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic. But, it's also a bit lighter than the Bimmer.

Apparently, this particular Audi setup isn't the best when it comes to spirited driving. It doesn't have launch control, and before you question whether a 190-bhp car needs it, the A5 doesn't rev past 1,500 at the line so it bogs rather badly. The re-run sees the Audi take a slight jump to negate the poor launch, and from there, it's a predictably even run. For the most part anyway; one car does hold a clear advantage.

The same can be said for the pair of roll races. Shifting for the first contest is left to the automatic gearboxes, and being non-performance variants, the kick-down response is slow. The second roll race sees the drivers using manual modes, and that actually results in the closest race of the day. The session is capped with a braking test that is similarly close.

Four contests all total, and one car wins three of them.